Guides - Maintenance

Keep your bicycle in good condition

In current fast pace society, we tend to neglect some things even though we know it should be done. Keeping your bicycle in good condition is very important as it will enhance your cycling experience and the longevity of your bike. Maintenance checks have to be performed regularly and have your bicycle professionally serviced at regular intervals, minimum once a year, to ensure it is in the safest condition. You should also carry out a check everytime before you ride your bike.

If you discover damaged in any of your bicycle parts due to wear and tear, do ensure that the repair is completed by a qualified bicycle mechanic. Do a few test ride first to make sure it is safe to use before you continue riding again.

Below is a simple guide which you can perform in less than 3 minutes on riding pre-check and maintenance procedures on your bicycle to keep your bike in tip-top condition;

The 3-minutes check

These checks should be done everytime before you ride! It only take less than 3 minutes to ensure your safety ride!

1) Check your tyres! Tyres should feel very firm to touch. The correct pressure is written on the sidewall of each tyre.

fixed gear bike

2) Check the seat is at the correct height and the seat post is tightly inserted at least 5cm into the frame.

3) Lift the handlebars, spin the front wheel, apply the brakes and check that the;

a) wheel is properly secured in the forks

b) wheel rotates freely without rubbing on the brakes

c) gear and brake operate smoothly and directly

4) Lift the seat, turn the pedals forward, spin the rear wheel, operate the brakes, and apply the above stage test again. For fixed gear bikes, if there is no brakes, test the action of turning the pedal backwards in intervals (just like how you will brake using the pedal while riding) to feel the responsiveness.

Weekly maintenance

These checks should be done weekly to prolong your bicycle and parts life span.

1) Clean and lubricate the chain

2) Check wheel spokes and eyelets for rust or damage

3) Check tyre pressures

fixed gear bike

Annual maintenance

These checks should be done once per year as it takes a longer time to perform the task.

1) Check the frame

2) Remove the handlebar tape to check for rust and weaknesses

3) Replace new tyres and ensure they are the right size

4) If the chain need to be replaced, check whether gear cluster need to be replaced as both generally wear out evenly

fixed gear bike

Regular maintenance is important as it ensure that your bicycle is working at its top condition. Most importantly, getting a good quality bicycle will also increase your riding confidence and ensure you are riding safe. Stay away from replicas.